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Venkatesh Prasad: Cricket Maestro Marvels at Akshardham’s Grandeur

Monday August 21, 2023

For someone accustomed to stadiums echoing with roaring applause, finding solace and awe in the tranquil corridors of a spiritual haven is a journey in itself. Venkatesh Prasad, former Indian cricketer and esteemed coach, found himself amidst such a journey during his visit to Swaminarayan Akshardham in Robbinsville, New Jersey.

Describing his experience, Prasad was effusive: “Akshardham is fantabulous and mesmerizing. It’s more than just the intricate architecture; it’s the energy and commitment of the volunteers that truly stands out. Witnessing individuals volunteer their time and personal space so selflessly for a greater cause is truly inspiring.”

An ambassador for India’s rich heritage, Prasad emphasized the importance of landmarks like Akshardham in the global landscape. “These marvels are a testament to our deep-rooted Indian culture. They remind us of the ingenuity and values that have been inherent in our society for centuries. In today’s rapidly changing world, where the youth are besieged by countless distractions, it becomes imperative for us to ensure that they connect with our shared culture, heritage, and values. This is our responsibility.”

Deeply moved by the architectural brilliance, Prasad added, “Whether it’s Akshardham in New Jersey, Delhi, or Ahmedabad, the attention to detail is unparalleled. Such places don’t just showcase artistry, but they reverberate with a sense of purpose, unity, and devotion.”

He concluded, “A visit here isn’t just a visual treat; it’s an experience that imprints happiness and introspection, leaving one with memories to cherish.”

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